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January 2012 Astrological Asana

"Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?  
Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"-Mary Oliver

It's 2012.  And we are still here!  Now what?
I recently attended a meditation with a teacher who gave us the exercise to practice each exhale as though it was our last.  It brought up lots of different emotions and experiences for the participants including myself.  I noticed in my own experience a cycle of feelings that came up.  During that meditation, I went into a cycle of feelings including: fear, denial, gratitude, and peace.  At the end of each exhale there was a feeling of, "Now what?" that came up.  
January, the first month of 2012, is here.  And it is calling upon us to answer that question, "Now what?"  With each planet moving directly in the sky, the celestial bodies are energetically encouraging and supporting us to move forward.  The very direct activity of the planets urge us to actively step into and create the future.  The time to sit back and passively wait forsomething outside of you to happen and change your life is over.  That time is over because there is nothing outside of you.  Everything is within you!  You are what you have been waiting for, and you hold the keys to your life.  Everything outside of you is simply an idea, but everything that is within you is real.  
This month and this year, I ask you how can you live more directly?  What would a direct approach to life look like for you?
Living directly doesn't always mean that you make a to-do list and start a more rigorous routine towards your life.  Living directly might mean letting yourself be so vulnerable that you interact with all of your feelings and accept them with no resistance.  For each person, this will look a little bit different.  Honor your process and what it means to you. 
Capricorn:  It's your birthday time dear goat!  What a time to celebrate and recharge.  It's time to trust your intuition!  With Jupiter moving direct in your 5th house of romance, children, play and creativity, there is good fortune in all those areas.  WIth Mars in your 9th house of philosophy and higher education, this is a great time to take action on anything dealing with school and learning!
Aquarius: With VEnus in your 1st house till January 13th, you are even more magnetic than usual.  You are able to attract great people and opportunities just by being your natural self!  Moving may be on your mind this winter, it's a favorable time to move or to start researching a new area to live in or purchasing a home.
Pisces: After January 13th, planet Venus moves into your first house and with the Sun in your 11th house of social activities and friends, you are going to be quite popular this January.  Make sure to connect with yourself as you are connecting with others.  This is a good time to connect with possible love interests!
Aries: Jupiter is now moving direct in your 2nd house of income and value.  There is great potential for a new job or source of income.  Now is the time to release the worries about if things will be ok, and to keep the faith and trust in yourself.
Taurus: Dear Taurus, what is your New Year's wish?  With Jupiter direct in your first house, you can have anything you want!  So state your wishes, let the Universe know what you desire!
Gemini: This is a great time to take action on moving or getting a new place.  You have Mars, the planet of action in your 4th house, ruling the home and domestic life.  Or this can be a great time to revamp and re-organize your current home!  Either way, create a space that will be conducive to the lifestyle you want!
Cancer: The New Year starts with the Sun in your 7th house, bringing light to relationships.  This is a good time to let the shine in on some existing romantic and business relationships and potentially reevaluate your approach to these relationships.  It is time to either fully commit to them or let them go.
Leo: With Mars in your 2nd house income and value, this is a great time to reflect on your worth.  Are you giving yourself enough credit and appreciation for all that you do?  Make time to value yourself this month, and watch how others value you as well.  If you have been thinking about asking for a raise, go ahead and do it!
Virgo: With Mars in your 1st house this month, and Venus in your 7th house of relationships on January 13th, you have a lot of power and confidence that could be very influential.  Make sure to remember to be gentle with yourself and others or you may end up apologizing for your actions later in the month.
Libra: Towards the middle of the month, the Sun, Venus and Neptune will all be in your 5th house of expression, creativity, romance and children.  This is the time to let your imagination run wild and create!  What is your imagination inspired by?  Give that to yourself.  This month, turn the TV and internet off, and tune into your imagination and dreams.
Scorpio: The New Year is always a good time to start a new practice.  What changes regarding your health and wellness have you been wanting to make?  Perhaps they seem radical to others, but they could be life changing for you and solve issues that you did not necessarily connect to your wellness practices.
Sagittarius: With Mars in your 10th house of career and reputation, are you ready to take the next step in your career?  What would the next step in your career require from you?  It's time for you to step out of any shyness and holding back and let yourself shine and grow!  Don't hold yourself back.
Shirley Kali Johnson, native New Yorker and Los Angeles-based, is a student of metaphysics. She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies. She is available for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga.  For more info or to join her mailing list, please go to