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It is the childlike mind that finds the kingdom.
 – Charles Fillmore

Last week my cousin gave birth to a daughter.  While we all knew that she was pregnant and was scheduled to give birth at anytime, receiving the news made me giddy with excitement.  I am so excited to meet this new little person, and I am so excited to see her grow along the way.  Each time I see a baby, I wonder about what it's like to have all these new experiences.  Babies and young children just take it all in.  Every single moment is new and even the littlest of things can be fascinating to kids.

Often when I start getting really pessimistic, I notice it is because I have banished my childlike mind.  I have gotten so wrapped up in routine and clinging to certain patterns that I forget to lighten up.  I forget to embrace that childlike mind and allow each moment to be brand new.  

Here is the task for February – to stay brand new, fresh, open and excited…even about things that don't seem exciting, and even when things seem  to be not going the way you wished for.  Stay open.  Even if things have gone a certain way for most of your life and you have been disappointed by certain outcomes in the past, let go.  Let go of how you think it is going to be, and just surrender to how it is.  It's much easier to write it than practice it, but it's worth a try.

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Aquarius: Starting off February with the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in your house of self.  Neptune is finishing its tour of your 1st house and will move into your 2nd house of self worth.  Over the last couple of years, you may have felt as though you have become more sensitive or connected to the metaphysical.  Now it is time to integrate all you have learned.  Trust your instincts and intuition and share with others!

Pisces: Planet Neptune is shifting into your sign.  The good news is that Neptune is the natural ruler of your sign, so it will be back in its home position.  However since it has not been there for a long time, you may have some adjusting to do.  You may feel less grounded than usual.  Use the power of Neptune to guide you and let your imagination loose, you may surprise yourself with what comes out of your imagination.

Aries: On February 8th, Venus moves into the sign of Aries and into your first house of self.  This creates a lot of magnetism around you and your personality.  This is a good time to ask for what you want, as you may very well likely receive it.  Focus on receiving more and allowing others to share with you.  Mars is retrograding through your 6th house, allow for lots of rest.

Taurus: With Neptune entering your 11th house, there is a likelihood that you may feel attracted to a new group of friends.  It is important that you set healthy boundaries between you and others as you will be pulled towards different social outings and opportunities.  It is likely that you may find yourself hanging with a more eclectic and spiritual group.  Emerge yourself.  

Gemini: With Mars moving retrograde, plans you had to change your living situation may seem to not be moving with ease.  Be patient and go with the flow, something unexpectedly awesome may present itself instead.  In the middle of the month, get out and meet new people. Go to events that you usually don't go to, and exchange numbers with new people!

Cancer:  This is a great month to get your taxes done.  Don't wait till the last minute!  Also with the Sun in your 8th house, this is a time of natural transformation.  The old must die to give way to the new.  Let the transformation occur, stop hiding from it and accept it.  

Leo: Relationships are at the center of your world in the beginning of the month.  Issues with a sibling or father may be lighting up your world.  Use this time to practice conscious dialogue and nonviolent communication techniques.  If you can practice them in the most difficult of times, then you will master it!

Virgo: Mars is retrograding through your first house.  This may seem annoying since it may seem like you have a drop in energy or like it is taking a lot to get things going.  Use this time to renew and reflect on your values.  Take some time this month to journal – who are you?  what Divine purpose do you have here on earth?  Get reacquainted with your Highest self.

Libra: February starts off with your 5th house of self expression lit up.  There is a story you are yearning to tell!  Tell it – write it, sing it, draw it! Express it!  Let the energy of the beginning of the month help you flush out your story and feel motivated about sharing it.  You have the spotlight, so use it!

Scorpio: The beginning of the month is about your home.  This month calls for you to pay attention and care to your home; both the house you live in and your physical body.  Give extra self care, and treat yourself to some spa time.  As February ends, life will be moving quickly and calling or lots of your energy.  So use the beginning of the month to fill up your tank.

Sagittarius: There may be some focus on siblings this month.  As you move through the month, try to be compassionate for those in need and practice mindful support.  Later in February, you may want to give some attention to the idea of a new home.  This is a good time to start envisioning and creating loose plans around the kind of house and home situation you desire.  

Capricorn:   The beginning of the month will have some focus on income.  This month may present new ways to gather income perhaps by humanitarian efforts or with your communication skills.  Think outside the box, and don't be afraid to share those thoughts.  You might just be rewarded for being unique.  


Shirley Kali Johnson, native New Yorker and Los Angeles-based, is a student of metaphysics. She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies. She is available for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga.  For more info or to join her mailing list, please go to