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“Hope and fear come from feeling that we lack something; they come from a sense of poverty. We can’t simply relax with ourselves. We hold on to hope, and hope robs us of the present moment. We feel that someone else knows what is going on, but that there is something missing in us, and therefore something is lacking in our world.”  -Pema Chodron

I have nothing against hope.  I hope for things all the time.  I hope I will get to work on time, I hope I that people will not misunderstand me, I hope that everything will be alright.  And even in my hoping, there is a fear.  There is a fear that I will not make it to work on time and my supervisors will think I am immature, there is a fear that I will be misunderstood and hurt someone's feelings, and there is of course a fear that in fact, things will not be alright.  So in some ways and situations, I am using hope to distance myself from the potential feeling of fear.

Yet the truth is that fear is here to stay.  And while it may feel uncomfortable to feel fear, once we are in a practice of feeling fear but not becoming paralyzed by it, we have the chance to experience courage.  And perhaps our courage will lead us towards adventure and a place beyond our mind.

December is mainly ruled by Sagittarius and the New Moon occurs in the sign of Sagittarius on December 13th.  Sagittarius rules optimism and adventure, and also learning and philosophy.  Sagittarius reminds us that by avoiding fear, we avoid life.  And by avoiding life, we limit our possibilities for learning and adventure.  Facing our fears requires courage, and perhaps even optimism that our fear is our teacher is not placed into our life to hurt us, but to encourage us to grow and move beyond our status quo.  

The status quo cannot change unless we as people decide to face our fears.  If we continue to closet our fears and repress our feelings, then we can certainly expect the same old world that we live in.  The new earth is not coming by luck or from a force outside in the stars, it is coming from me and you as individuals.  If we are ready for the population to vibrate at a a different vibration, well then we are going to have to do that in our respective and individual lives, and we can start by facing the things and people and ideas that scare us, and moving more deeply into them.

Sagittarius:   With this month's new moon in your house of self and ego.  With this time of your birthday, it is powerful to think about what you are afraid to lose.  Are you afraid to lose your home? your parents? your money?  Wherever you find the most fear of losing, challenge yourself to ask why you are afraid to lose this thing, idea or person.  Most often we are afraid to lose things because we think it will mean we lose apart of ourselves.  But what if you remember you cannot lose yourself?  Use this month's new moon to reflect the idea of who you are with and without the things that surround you.

Capricorn:  Facing your deepest fears may not sound appealing dear Capricorn, but it is totally necessary.  With the New Moon occurring in your 12th house of deep subconscious and dreamlife, we can learn a lot by the places our mind goes without conscious direction.  What is it that is tucked deep down under the surface fears?  You may notice that these fears are coming up in dreams.  Pay attention and observe without judgement.

Aquarius:  While friends play a big part in your life, there are some people in your life that you hold onto as friends, but that are not truly encouraging your freedom.  Perhaps you know them from certain parts of your life and you feel hesitant to reveal your full self to them.  Why is it that you fear their reaction?  What is it that you think they will not accept?  And what is it about yourself that you are not accepting?

Pisces:  Much of what brings people in our modern society to tap into their feelings of fear and inadequacy is their career.  We fear that our identity is defined by our career, and with certain careers we are worth more or less in our society.  This month brings up some fears around your own career.  Perhaps you feel afraid of something going on at work or you feel the fear of starting a new business.  Either way, sit in those fears, feel the whole thing out, and do not let it paralyze you.

Aries:  Dear Aries, there is something called the beginner's mind in the Buddhist meditation practice, and this month will ask you to humble yourself to this beginner's mind.  Perhaps you are learning something new or are in a new community.  Notice what it feels like to start from scratch.  Is it uncomfortable?  Yes?  Great, then keep feeling the discomfort and keep starting over again.

Taurus: The new moon is occurring in your 8th house this month, the house of sex, death and taxes.  This new moon will hopefully ask you to reflect on the ways in which sex has become shadowed or unconsciously feared in your life.  If you want to live in a society that is sex positive and sexually progressive, then you are going to have to look at your own fears of sex in your own life.

Gemini: What has been working in your relationships?  What has not been working in your relationships?  Oftentimes when discussing why a relationship failed to work people will habitually blame the other person in the relationship, rather than take any responsibility for the ways in which they contributed to the failure.  How are you contributing to the ways your relationship is not working?  What are you afraid of of showing about yourself in your relationships?

Cancer:  The New Moon this month falls in your 6th house, which is the house that rules health.  This is a good time to take FULL inventory of your health.  But not only your physical health, but also your mental health.  This is not the time to avoid the habits that are perhaps contributing to things that you consider unhealthy in your life.  Instead this is the time to look at those habits, and truly commit to changing them if you are really ready to be healthy.

Leo:  There is a song that you are burning to sing, and a dance you are burning to move through your body, there is a poem that is in your heart and desires to be written.  With all this creativity, why are you holding it back?  What do you fear by sharing this expression?  What will you lose by revealing your creativity, or what do you fear you will lose by doing that?

Virgo:  This month's new moon is in your 4th house which rules the home as well as areas around protection and security.  The areas that we seek protection in reveal much to us about what it is that we fear about not having the protection.  Oftentimes we may feel that without the protection, we are not safe.  This month's New Moon asks you to look at areas of safety and notice how insistence upon safety might be holding you back.

Libra: The New Moon occurs for you in the 3rd house, house of communication.  What is it that you are afraid of saying to others that are close to you and others in your community?  Notice what the fear feels like when you hold back your true feelings and what it feels like when you share those feelings?  Allow yourself to fear being heard and then let yourself be heard and vulnerable.

Scorpio: This month is a call to slow down and give to yourself.  Perhaps you feel fear that by giving to yourself you are letting other people down.  This month calls on us to feel the fear of letting others down, and being there for ourselves.  There may be safety in giving to others, because then you may not have to feel the full fear of loneliness of the self.  But this the feeling that will lead to self assurance and true confidence.

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Shirley Kali Johnson, native New Yorker and San Francisco Bay Area-based, is a student of transpersonal psychology, yoga, and astrology. She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies. She is available for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga. For more info or to join her mailing list, please go to