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"Watch out for emergencies. They are your big chance." -Fritz Reiner

August starts off in medias res.  Right in the middle of Mercury Retrograde and the summer season, it may not seem that starting a new month slows anything down.  In fact on August 1st we have the first of 2 Full Moon during this month, so we start off August with the extra energy and power of the Full Moon in Aquarius!  The Full Moon occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth than the Sun.  In this way the Sun lights up the Moon and we on Earth are able to see it in its fullness.  The Full Moon is often known as a time when hospitals fill up, and when people start to experience intense emotions.  Note that during the 1st 2 days of the August – are you noticing a certain urgency to your emotions?  Often during times when are emotions are the most pronounced or when they are pretty inescapable, it can be easy to forget that they are natural and that you are not a slave to them.  The moments of most intensity remind us to claim our agency even in the midst of confusion and discomfort.  The Full Moon in Aquarius is a social moon, so this is a great day for all to enjoy the company of those you love, to dance, to sing, or to attend a lecture, yoga class and be amongst people.  

Mercury Retrograde completes it's retrograde cycle on August 9th.  I find that summer retrogrades are extra challenging but that they also help to slow us down to experience the present moment.  Keep the first week of August clear and open, and let things come to you. Enjoy the slowness, because the rest of the month could very easily feel like it is moving at the speed of lightening.  On August 31, we have the 2nd Full Moon of the month in Pisces.  Unlike the Full Moon earlier this month, this Full Moon is a time to go inward and pay attention to your thoughts and dreams.  

Leo: The Sun is your planetary ruler, and with the Sun in your 1st house of appearance, ego, and personality, it would be no surprise to hear that during your birthday time, you often shine extra bright.  This year you also have Mercury retrograding in this same area, so you may be noticing some plans that have not been going your way, or some impatience around the ways that your life may usually move in a very excited manner.  This is the time to practice exuding that famous Leo confidence even in the times when you don't necessarily feel that way.  Allow yourself to emerge even through the challenges.

Virgo: August 1st's Full Moon falls in your house of health, routine and work.  With the Full Moon here, so you may find some extra motivation to get a new workout routine rolling or to start a project in your work sector that you have been wanting to get into.  This is a great month to tap into the energy that is provided through the first Full Moon of the month.  Let this energy invigorate you through the whole month. 

Libra: With Mars finishing its tour of Libra through your 1st house this month, tap into the energy of Mars the first 3 weeks of the month.  Mars is the planet of passion, war, lust and desire that may actually be quite different from your Libra demeanor.  Mars helps us to make choices and then act on those choices.  What do you want to accomplish this summer?  Pick one thing or project and fully commit to it.

Scorpio: August's first Full Moon takes place in your area of home, protection and family.  This may be a good time to slow down, spend time with family, and give yourself some tenderness.  Take the shell off, and expose yourself to yourself and then be very gentle with you.  Mars moves into your 1st house on Aug 24, which will give you some extra energy in accomplishing anything you wish to.  Remember though, you can only control yourself, not others.

Sagittarius: This month you have the Sun and Mercury moving through your 9th house.  The 9th house is the area of your chart that corresponds to Sagittarius, so there is some extra emphasis on Sanitarian ways as the month starts off.  Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher and of education.  Let this month be a time of learning for you.  Learn from the people you encounter, the places you go, the challenges that present themselves.  It's okay to not know everything, just stay open to learning.

Capricorn: This month you have the Sun and Mercury moving through your 8th house.  The 8th house is the area of your chart that holds the deep psychic, our connections to our ancestors, as well as the parts of us that we often try to hide or keep secret.  With the Sun in this area this month, this is a powerful time to go beyond your rational mind and connect to the place in you that is beyond intellect.  Surrender to the idea that your mind is your guide, and let your heart and soul guide you, even if it makes no sense to your mind.

Aquarius: This month's first Full Moon is in your 1st house.  August 1 and August 2 are important days for you with Full Moon in your sign.  With the Full Moon in this area of your chart, you are extra intuitive and magnetic.  Fill your mind only with things and ideas that serve you and humanity.  The way that you think right now is very powerful and helps to usher in change on a higher vibration.

Pisces: On August 7th, the planet Venus moves into your 5th house.  Venus is the planet of love and harmony, and the 5th house is the area of your chart concerned with romance, expression and creativity.  Having Venus enter this part of your chart adds extra delight for you.  This can be an awesome time to tap into all of your creative desires and to let yourself be romanced.  Don't fight it, let yourself enjoy it and get lost in it.

Aries: August starts off with the Sun and Mercury in your 5th house.  The 5th house is the area of your chart concerned with romance, expression and creativity.  With the Sun here, you might be feeling an urge to play and get out more, yet you also start the month with Mercury retrograding here, so it might not seem like the plans to play and romance are going as easily as you want.  Once Mercury finishes its retrograde, the rest of the month should feel more clear for meeting new romantic interests or sharing sweet times with your honey.  

Taurus: Mercury is retrograding in your 4th house, the area of your chart that represents home and family.  Be patient about these areas and trust that after the retrograde, things will smooth out.  The first Full Moon occurs in your 10th house this month.  The 10th house rules career, vocation and authority.  The first 2 days of August are powerful for asserting your skills and embracing your talents.  Let the whole world see them, no more hiding!

Gemini: Venus moves into your 2nd house on August 7th.  You have been enjoying Venus in your first house over the summer, although part of that has also been Venus in retrograde.  Now as Venus moves into your 2nd house, the area of earned income, self worth and confidence, this is a fantastic time to ask for a raise, decorate yourself in whatever way makes you feel beautiful, and claim your right to the abundance of the Universe.  Venus is the planet of love, but also of fertility and abundance.  With this planet in your 2nd house, it makes way for new experiences of abundance.  Enjoy!

Cancer: Planet Venus moves into your 1st house on August 7th.  With Venus in your sign aligned with your natal Sun, you are ultra magnetic and attractive.  Now the goal is to remember and believe in your beauty, even if others around you are not affirming it.  Can your own affirmation of yourself be enough for you?  Mercury retrogrades till August 9th in your 2nd house, area of earned income and self worth – work may be slow, but it will pick up later in the month!


Shirley Kali Johnson, native New Yorker and Los Angeles-based, is a student of metaphysics. She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies. She is available for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga.  For more info or to join her mailing list, please go to 
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