Are we really wired for gratitude? Is it really our nature? 

Gratitude is a favorite, yet on going, practice in my life. It’s a practice I seem to turn to in my more dissatisfied moments. Typically when I am feeling crappy, unloved, pissed off, unappreciated and over worked. In these times I sit myself down and remember all the good fortune I have. Even though sometimes I may have dig a bit deeper. For example, I run out to move my car and find I have a big fat ticket! “Paula you are fortunate to have a car and the ticket is still cheaper than a lot!!” I somehow feel a bit better––just a bit.

I started to think: Why do I have to “practice” gratitude? Why am I not naturally appreciative? Am I actually greedy and ungrateful? Then I began to remember the clients I counsel and the conversations we have about fostering gratitude.

It seems the job of the mind is to find a problem and solve it. Or even to make up a problem to solve! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s what has propelled evolution isn’t it? If this wasn’t true I might be writing this in the dark, next to my friend who is complaining that he can’t move his deer that he killed with a rock because no one has come up with the wheel yet!

I have begun to find gratitude for my desires and my need to achieve.  In this I am experiencing a deep peace. There is nothing wrong with me! In fact it is human nature to want more and to keep looking forward. This looking forward seems much more supported when I can appreciate the richness from which it came. When I can count my blessings and then add one more yet to be realized.

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