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It is hard to deny that our beautiful planet is in flux! The balance of life is changing as far as the eye can see. Now, since the planet (like us) is a living organism, it is always changing to some degree. Smaller changes are tolerable…. the bigger tsunamis are harder to deal with.
As we watch the balance of power changing so rapidly in the Middle East, it can seem like the planet is on a large scale cleanse. It is as if we are looking for a new way to function. We might also notice this reflected in our personal lives, which may be in a time of change. Whether we realize it or not, we are "nature” just as much as our economy, politics and other systems are. All things vibrate and in some way mirror each other. I can’t help but think of that famous question: does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? In my observation, it is all connected and impossible to separate. It is all a sign of the times.
If we believe this to be true, then what can be learnt from these changes? The more we resist the inevitable nature of it, the harder it is to experience. As we see many dying in the Middle East, I cannot help but wonder: did it have be at the expense of so many? It did, only because it has.  We learn as we do, and change reluctantly. It’s curious to me what we believe we are holding on to when we resist change. What are we so afraid of losing? Can we never see that there might be more to gain?
When I look to my own life, I too remember the times when I was faced with life tsunamis. The tighter I held on, the worse it got. It was always such a solace to turn to my practice and work the tenets so that I could remember how impermanent it all really is. Life is always changing and all I can do is enjoy what is there for me in any moment. If I hold on to the past or rush to some unknown future, I fail to live. Instead, I can choose to be here now and let the water rush over me. I simply shift with the planet or the politics or whatever is before me.

Not easy, for sure. Often we need to sit with others to help us see how this is possible. It is difficult to find this way alone, we need good tools to be so versatile… but versatility is what is needed.  I believe the level of my ability to respond is directly related to the level of my overall happiness. The more I struggle with things not being as I would like, the more pain I am in. The more I awake and sit with what is, even if it is pain, mourning, loss, happiness, success, failure, death, birth … the happier I am – because I am in alignment with nature.
Here's the thing: not only am I happier, but also, I feel I am more capable of maneuvering through the flow of life, like bike riders in NYC. It’s a thing of beauty to watch them weaving in and out of the crowds, just riding the flow. They are not thinking, just gracefully responding to what is in front of them. When I can find the wisdom to let go of my fear, what I am offered is the ability to ride life in its fullest expression.

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