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“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”— Marcus Aurelius

It can be important to remember that indeed everything we see is a perspective.  Often when we change our viewpoint,  the perspective changes.  Don’t be afraid to change your viewpoint.

April starts with 4 planets in the fire sign, Aries; the Sun, Mercury (in retrograde), Jupiter and Uranus.  Aries is the 1st sign of the Zodiac; the leader, initator, the fire-starter, the passionate one.  The symbol of Aries is the Ram, which comes from ancient Egypt.  In ancient Egypt the ram was praised for both its fertility and warlike attributes.  The Egyptian deity, Amun, was often depicted with the head of a ram.  Amun was known for creating himself without mother or father.  Amun was one of the most important deities in the ancient world.  He represented power and fertility.

As we start April, it is a good time to check in with our solar plexus area which rules both our personal power and digestive system.  Where in our life do we want to execute more personal power?  Into what areas of our lives, can we bring the energy of Aries?  As the seasons change, we have more sunlight and more energy in the day (with more hours of light) and more energy within, now the question is HOW to use it?

Mercury is in retrograde in the sign of Aries for most of the month of April.  This is where our dear perspective comes in.  Over the last few years, I have noticed the term “mercury retrograde” becoming apart of the vernacular and somewhat synonomous with a feeling of powerless-ness.  We perceive being powerless because Mercury Retrogrades seem to find their way into all communications, technology, and travels.  And in this technology and communication driven world, we are attached to so many habits and devices that we perceive to be getting us through the day.  

Can we find a way to be powerful in our powerless-ness?  
Can we find a way to make surrender as powerful as force?

As yogis, we are familiar with the family of asanas that are often referred to as inversions.  Technically anything is an inversion that raises the feet above the head.  In this way, when we raise our feet above our head, we sometimes literally are UPSIDE DOWN.  But there are many health benefits (physical and metaphysical) of inversions.  Inversions help us to SEE things differently, help us to find new ways, they give us courage and often help us raise our confidence.  One of the prime physical benefits of inversions are that they help your body to increase proper circulation and circulate the blood and lymph through your body.  In an inversion, we often give our feet (the sign of Pisces) a break and a chance to be in the air, and we let our head (Aries) or hands ground us and make contact with the ground to carry us.

In a way Mercury Retrograde does the same thing.  With Mercury retrograding this month, we have a chance to see things from a new perspective.  We have a chance to change the viewpoint from which we are seeing from, and to CHOOSE the viewpoint that is going to be most empowering.  In the same way that we often come out of our headstand pose in yoga invigorated and energized, we will come out of this retrograde invigorated and energized.  

Here are areas where you may be learning about the power of Mercury in your life and where you may feel the need for a perspective change-(please read for your Sun sign AND Rising sign)
Aries: The Self. Maybe who you have perceived yourself to be is no longer serving you, it might be time to start actually being who you are.
Taurus: Secrets.  There may be secrets you feel you have to keep for whatever reason, and with Mercury retrograding, you cannot hold them in anymore.  Take the secrets out of the dark.
Gemini: Identity.  There may be so much that you want to do that you can hardly do anything.  Start with commitment and being accountable for what you give your word to.
Cancer: Reputation. Things may have been on the upswing for you career-wise, and perhaps you start to feel the upswing bottoming out.  Don’t take it personally, its just a swing.
Leo: Teaching. You may be questioning your ability to do what you do.  Let the questioning make you strengthen your practice.  
Virgo: Intimacy. This time frame is going to bring up concepts of intimacy, and may even make you change perspective on what intimacy or be thrust into a new situation where you have no choice but to see things differently.
Libra: Relationships. Realtionships with partners are being affected by Mercury Retrograde.  Finding new ways to communicate and being sensitive to one another is crucial.
Scorpio: Routine. You have been wanting to change your routine for awhile…so this retrograde may give you that gift of change.  Caution: it could come in any form.
Sagittarius: Creating. It is important that you realize you are always creating.  Take responsibility for the way things are in your life right now, allow this retrograde to reveal to you what you may be rejecting from your sight.
Capricorn: The Home. You may be feeling somewhat ansy about a move or shift in life.  This retrograde is here to help you with patience and keeping still while the all is sorted out in before the move.
Aquarius: Communication.  You will most likely feel quite affected by this retrograde, it is helping you with mindfullness.  Be mindful of every email you send, every word you utter, every sound you make…they are all so powerful.
Pisces: Worth. The more you understand your power, the less you will be inclined to include activities, people and jobs in your life where you are not able to stand in your power.  Note: power is different than ego.

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Kali (Shirley) Johnson
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