I am very excited to announce yet another new branch of our conscious living center– Kids!

As a new mom I have come to realize how much of who we are has the potential to be understood and developed  through consciously raising our children. In deciding what I want to expose Otto to I am equally deciding the values I want to offer to the world. It has been a team effort for sure. Otto has his own mind and greets the world in his special way. But the truth is — life can be overwhelming.  Ed and I want to offer our son the fiber of goodness and morality that perhaps we got through some unexplained religion as children . We were “good” because of a fear of god, but we are asking Otto to choose to be kind and compassionate.  We want him to act not out of fear but because he likes the feeling inside and the person it makes him.  It is our hope that he will feel one day that he chose how he wants to live his life and perhaps will spend less hours than I did in therapy!! :o)
We have some wonderful fun classes for kids that can help them develop love for music with Music Together and dance with In Grandma’s Attic as well as sportsmanship with Socroc.
Do check out our offerings and feel free to contact me with any questions.