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5 Week Meditation Course

5-Week Meditation Course

Lead Instructor: Paula Tursi

Have you tried to meditate a thousand times and it just never stuck? Do you find it impossible to stop your thoughts? In this 5-week course, we will awaken to our natural state. Our true nature is the part of us that lives under the continuous thoughts of the mind. We will use meditation to lift the shadows and uncover who we really are.

Day 1: Did you know meditation is a natural state and that its possible to return to this state with minimal effort? Together we will begin to break down some of the myths about meditation.


Day 2: Why do we meditate? Its time to dispel the myth of stopping the thoughts. The heart beats and the mind thinks. We will learn the true reason we meditate.


Day 3: We will discover the nature of the observer, your true-self. We will learn a way to park the mind while we get busy living in the now.


Day 4: We will discover our most predominate unconscious thoughts and see how they might be creating chaos in our lives. We will replace them with thoughts that create a mental state of peace.


Day 5: Putting it all together. We will learn how to integrate the practice into daily life.