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New York 200-Hour Teacher Training - 2019

August 2019


The Reflections 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training goes back to the roots of yoga and teaches as it was originally meant to be taught: directly from teacher to student.

During this unique training you will get:

7 Days of Intensive training

3 months mentorship with one to one teacher development

2 advanced placement courses to help distinguish your teaching from all the others

“I want them to emerge as actual teachers and not just someone who holds a certification.” Paula

During the 3-month period of mentorship, you will have time and guidance to find and hone your unique voice and to develop your teaching skills, so that you can graduate as a confident, knowledgeable, and ready to teach!

The training is 7 deeply intensive days plus 3 months of mentoring.

What is required of you:

Full attendance in the 7 day intensive
Between August and November, you will be required to attend 2 classes each week.

One hour weekly meeting with Paula (please see additional mentorship requirements)
Written and practical homework

You will also be required to take two 30 hour courses from the advanced training offerings (note: some classes will not be available). This will give you 60 Advanced hours toward your 500 certification.

Your training will be facilitated by Paula Tursi, MS, ERYT, founder and director of Reflections, and a professional in yogic studies for more than twenty years. Senior Reflections teachers will provide support and advisory hours, and the training will include visiting guest masters.

Our Philosophy

Yoga was initially developed to bring health to the organs by bolstering vitality and strength and by slowing the internal aging process.

During the training, you will examine and explore movement as it affects the anatomy of the body, and look specifically at the way certain postures can support the organs.

You will also learn to study the asanas from a developmental perspective in addition to their classical forms to develop a deeper understanding of body movement and discover how to apply therapeutic techniques in your classes.

By concentrating on the trinity of your body, mind, and spirit, you can uncover your truest teaching expression at Reflections.

The training is a $4000 investment, which includes:

Six 8-hour days plus one evening in August of group yoga training

a 3-month mentorship (Click here for additional information)

2 of our 300-hour trainings (Not all courses will be available)

“I have been evaluating the results of yoga training programs in general, not just our own, and have been dismayed at the skill level of the teachers. As a result I have decided to design a program that I believe to be a more unique and personal training.

I feel strongly that this training will offer the close and personal instruction that one needs to become a rich and knowledgeable teacher of this beautiful practice of yoga” Paula

Money is an issue for all of us, so let us break it down
This program provides a savings of more than a thousand dollars.

A typical 200 ranges between 2800 and 3500
For $4000 you get

200 hour certification

30+ hours of one to one teaching guidance
at least 60 hours toward your advanced training.


Application plus phone interview required


This training will certify and prepare participants to:

Conduct a yoga class with precise hands-on adjustments and be able to offer intelligent modifications.

Understand common skeletal problems and begin to develop an understanding of how to work preventively and offer corrective instructions.

Gain a general understanding of Anatomy and Physiology as it applies to yoga and movement.

Guide students through somatic inquiry to empower them to question in a way that creates a dialogue between mind and body promotes self-healing.

Incorporate powerful Thai hands-on adjustments to support and encourage students deeper into their practice.

Gain an understanding of how we breathe and instruct appropriate breathing techniques.

Sit in daily meditation and be able to instruct on the art of meditation from direct experience.

Read and discuss Yoga Sutras, The Power of Now and certain Buddhist teachings.

Learn from mini-workshops to better understanding yourself and those you teach.

Complete written and practice assignments, as well as a final written evaluation and teaching demo.

Choose the right path for you and your teaching career.


“The month I spent at this training was perhaps the most transforming experience of my life… I am finally emerging into the teacher who has always been inside of me!” – Katie O’Connell


“Paula Tursi is a veteran teacher with a wide range of experience and knowledge in yoga philosophy, anatomy, and sequencing. She completely embodies the teachings of yoga, in particular the mind science of yoga, and imparts this grace onto her students. I am very grateful to call her my teacher.” – Lola Rephann

“Paula is an amazingly gifted teacher, who I feel blessed to have had for my teacher training. Upon returning to London I have done a few classes which have just confirmed that I received some of the best training available.” – Tyrel Smythe


“Paula Tursi is extremely knowledgeable about not only the asanas, but about anatomy, yoga philosophy and personal growth. I feel well prepared as a teacher and better prepared as a person to move further into all the aspects of yoga. I would recommend this program to those who want to learn about all arms of yoga, not just the postures- as a true yoga teacher training should be.” – Nancy Aufiero