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New York 200-Hour Teacher Training - SEPT. 2020


200 Hour Teacher Training

The Reflections 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training explores the body from a holistic perspective.

Yoga was developed to help maintain healthy organs, strengthen the body and bolster vitality. These goals will guide our exploration of the trinity of mind, body, and spirit during the Reflections Teacher Training Program. In a series of workshops, we will give you the tools to uncover your most authentic expression as an individual and as a teacher while also preparing you to teach well-rounded classes with intelligence and originality.

We will guide you through the study of asana both in their classic forms and from a developmental perspective. You will learn how movement affects the body anatomically and the ways in which a posture can support or not support the organs, which will deepen your understanding of yoga’s potential for slowing the internal aging process and prepare you to apply therapeutic techniques when needed. We will discuss the yoga sutras and other spiritual texts to understand how asana and the other branches of yoga pertain to one’s spiritual development. You will also move through a series of mini-workshops with the goal of identifying prohibitive belief systems and ultimately releasing them.  We want you to think and dream BIG! Infuse yourself in those dreams and believe in the possibility of their manifestation!

Each weekend will be held at Reflections Studio in the Kips Bay neighborhood of Manhattan. On the first weekend you will begin the journey of self-discovery and start to unearth a deeper understanding of the asanas for a fully immersive experience. The four remaining weekends will be held at Reflections Studio, an urban haven tucked away on a quiet street in the Kips Bay neighborhood of Manhattan. For the best-informed and most balanced start to your teaching journey, we will be joined by guest speakers who will focus on topics such as anatomy, Sanskrit and mantra, prenatal yoga, yin yoga, the power of touch and elements of Thai massage, and the neurological importance of metaphor and imagery in teaching.

Our program also offers an optional Mentorship Program during the last month of the training. The mentorship will consist of one-on-one meetings, assistant teaching, and a honing of your skills as you prepare to teach your test class in April.


5 Weekends

Note: In addition to the week’s focus, we will include philosophy, spiritual development and teaching strategy every week.



This training will certify and prepare participants to:

Conduct a yoga class with precise adjustments and intelligent sequencing

Understand common skeletal problems and begin to develop an understanding of how to work preventively and offer corrective instructions.

Enjoy a full weekend of study on a farm in upstate New York where we will dive deep and create a solid base for your teaching (included in the tuition)

Apply Anatomy and Physiology to yoga and movement.

Understand the breath and instruct appropriate breathing techniques


Sit in daily meditation and be able to instruct on the art of meditation from direct experience

Read and discuss Yoga Sutras, The Power of Now and Buddhist teachings

Learn from mini-workshops (Anatomy, Thai massage, and Franklin Method) to better understand yourself and those you teach

Study one to one Mentorship with Paula to develop your individual teaching skills

Complete written and practice assignments, as well as final written evaluation and teaching demo

  • Take 2 yoga classes weekly
  • Meditate for at least 10-15 minutes daily
  • Completion of all assignments
  • Meet with your peer group 2 times per month
  • Successfully present a yoga class to your instructor


Summer Special: Payment in full by July 12 ~ $2800 
Summer Special with Mentorship: Payment in full by July 12 ~ $3400

Early Bird Plan (apply by August 24th) 
$3500 (includes retreat fees and materials, books and transportation not included)

Standard Plan (apply by September 1st)
$3800 (includes retreat fees and materials, transportation not included)

$4400 with optional Mentorship Program 

Installment Plan ~ Individualized payment plans and scholarships are available upon request. 
Please reach out to Tinika to create your plan ~


  • The Yoga Sutra of Pantanjali – Sri Swami Satchidananda
  • The Illustrated Light on Yoga – BKS Iyengar
  • The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle
  • The Places That Scare You – Pema Chodron
  • Yoga Mat Companion Volume 1 – Ray Long

Please get these exact books. Condensed or abridged version will not be applicable.

  • Anatomy for Backbends & Twists – Ray Long
  • Yoga The Science of the Soul – Osho
  • The Living Gita – Sri Swami Satchidananda
  • Sensing, Feeling and Action – Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen


“The month I spent at this training was perhaps the most transforming experience of my life… I am finally emerging into the teacher who has always been inside of me!” – Katie O’Connell


“Paula Tursi is a veteran teacher with a wide range of experience and knowledge in yoga philosophy, anatomy, and sequencing. She completely embodies the teachings of yoga, in particular the mind science of yoga, and imparts this grace onto her students. I am very grateful to call her my teacher.” – Lola Rephann

“Paula is an amazingly gifted teacher, who I feel blessed to have had for my teacher training. Upon returning to London I have done a few classes which have just confirmed that I received some of the best training available.” – Tyrel Smythe


“Paula Tursi is extremely knowledgeable about not only the asanas, but about anatomy, yoga philosophy and personal growth. I feel well prepared as a teacher and better prepared as a person to move further into all the aspects of yoga. I would recommend this program to those who want to learn about all arms of yoga, not just the postures- as a true yoga teacher training should be.” – Nancy Aufiero